What We Do

We provide Apostille, Authentication and Legalization Services to those who need documents validated for presentation outside the United States. Deposition oaths are taken in our office for court testimony via telephone. Attested copies made of original documents for authentication or official use.

We provide notarial services at our home office, your home or your place of business. We also travel to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes or anywhere notarizations are needed.

Who We Are

Glenn Taylor, the owner of Document Authentication and Notary Services, LLC (previously, Notary Mobile Services), is a U.S. Navy veteran. He holds engineering degrees from UNY at Farmingdale and UMass Dartmouth and has worked for Xerox, Apple, Symantec and e-Stamp, among others, in senior managerial roles over a 23 year period before retiring from engineering in 2003. In that year he formed a Financial Investment company providing financial advice and solutions, selling the business in 2012.

Mr Taylor originally registered the company with the FL Department of Corporations in 2006 with an emphasis on: a) providing statutory notarial services, especially to those who have limited mobility, and, b) to establish a point of contact to those needing document authentication services (eg Apostilles). Mr. Taylor currently runs the company as his sole enterprise and services customer' needs all over the world. He is married to a sweet North Carolina girl.

We are a commissioned FL Notary Public able to perform any notarial act in any county in FLORIDA, and who:

  • knows FL Notary Statutes resulting in 100% guaranteed statutory notarizations
  • will give oaths and take acknowledgments per statute
  • is bonded, as required by state law, and fully insured
  • believes in full disclosure of all fees with written receipts of all charges
  • provides discounts for repeat customers
  • provides ongoing status updates throughout the authentication process
  • answers all your notary questions with no obligation
  • accepts payment in cash, checks, PayPal™ and major credit cards

To inquire about the availability of a same-day appointment, call (321) 591-9658.

Area We Serve

We assist with all documents which originate in the state of Florida or at Federal agencies for authentications. We travel within Southern Brevard county as depicted on the default map on the Contact Us page to assist those who require mobile notary services. The list of specific towns can be found under the title Service Area for Mobile Notary on the FAQ page. Document Authentication and Notary Services will travel within a radius of 10 miles of Melbourne FL for a flat fee with additional per-mile charges for distances up to 25 miles from our home office. Any needs beyond this distance would better be served by a Notary Public in closer proximity.

Of course, you can also make an appointment to stop by the home office near Florida Institute of Technology. Appointments are required since we are frequently on the road serving other clients at their homes, businesses or area hospitals, etc..

What You Can Expect

We are not just a "sign and stamp it" notary. We perform the following functions as part of notarizing signatures on documents--all of which are required by Florida law, except the last.

  • Examine the document for completeness
  • Assess type of notarial act desired
  • Identify the document signer
  • Confirm the signers capacity to understand the document on which the signature is to be notarized
  • Administer the oath or take the acknowledgment
  • Complete the notarial certificate
  • Deliver itemized receipt

Our Clients

A representative example of the people and organizations we provide notarial & authentication services to, include:

  • General Public
  • Those residing outside the U.S.
  • Those traveling outside the U.S.
  • Bank & Credit Union Customers
  • FL Alumni / Registrar's / Universities
  • Title Companies / Corporate Officers
  • Mortgage Broker Businesses
  • Trial Attorneys & Deponents
  • Immigration Attorneys
  • Real Estate Attorneys & Brokers
  • Hospitals & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Sellers & Borrowers
  • U.S. Armed Forces Recruitment Offices

(321) 591-9658

Typical Notarizations

  • Acknowledgments
  • Jurats
  • Apostille / Authentication / Legalization
  • Affidavits (sworn statements)
  • Deposition Oaths
  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • Self-Proving Will / Codicil
  • Living Wills / Adv Hlth Care Directives
  • Attested ("certified") Photocopies
  • Real Estate / Loans / Leases / Deeds
  • City / County Permitting Affidavits
  • Financial / Bank / Insurance Forms
  • Federal / State / County / Local Forms
  • Prenuptial / Premarital
  • Divorce / Adoption
  • Trusts / Estates
  • Loyalty Oaths
  • Certifications / Verifications / Applications
  • Personal or Handwritten Letters
  • Claim of Liens / Payoffs
  • Affidavit of Translation
  • Liability Waivers and Permissions
  • Legal Settlements and Agreements
  • VIN Verification
  • Certify safe-deposit box contents
  • ....anything needing notarization